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WonderWorks Myrtle Beach

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach is a family-oriented amusement park located on the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The park features a variety of rides, activities, and games for visitors of all ages.

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach is open every day from 9am to 5pm. The park features a wide range of attractions for guests of all ages to enjoy, including a miniature golf course, a go-kart track, an arcade, and more. There are also plenty of opportunities for parents to bring their children to WonderWorks Myrtle Beach and have them have fun while they learn about different aspects of life.

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular amusement parks on the Grand Strand. With its wide range of attractions and family-friendly atmosphere, WonderWorks Myrtle Beach is sure to give everyone something to enjoy.

4.63 miles away

Myrtle Beach Pelicans

The Myrtle Beach Pelicans are a Minor League Baseball team located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Pelicans play in the Class A-Advanced South Atlantic League. The Pelicans were founded in 1996 as the Myrtle Beach Rock Cats, and played their first season at the old Mayflower Park.

4.76 miles away

Broadway at the Beach

Broadway at the Beach Shopping Center is a great place to shop for groceries, clothes, and other items. The center has a wide variety of stores and a lot of them are open late. There is also a movie theater and several restaurants inside the shopping center. Parking is available in the lot on the side of the building or in the garage next to it.

4.78 miles away

Myrtle Beach Colored School Museum and Education Center

The Myrtle Beach Colored School Museum and Education Center is a must-see for history buffs and students of all ages. The museum tells the story of the African American experience in South Carolina through artifacts, photographs, and oral histories. The education center offers educational programming for students grades K-12.

5.30 miles away

Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff

Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff Myrtle Beach is a natural wonder that can be found in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The mountain is unique in that it sits directly on the Atlantic Ocean. This makes it an ideal destination for hikers and climbers who want to explore its many trails and peaks.

The summit of Mt. Atlanticus is home to the Minotaur Goff Memorial Window, which commemorates the first ascent of the mountain by Sir Charles Warren and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1903. The window depicts three adventurers ascending the mountain, with Doyle holding a sign that reads, "I'm theparser of this hike."

Mt. Atlanticus offers a wealth of hiking opportunities, including trails that lead to the summit and views of the ocean below. It's also home to several impressive peaks, such as Cape Horn and The Sphinx. If you're looking for a challenging hike with breathtaking views, Mt. Atlanticus is definitely worth checking out.

5.57 miles away

Savannah's Playground

Savannah's Playground Myrtle Beach is an amazing place for families to spend a day. The playground is huge and there are plenty of amenities for children to enjoy, including a climbing structure, a play area with a slide and a sandbox. There is also a picnic area with benches and an outdoor kitchen, perfect for spending some time outdoors. The playground is open from 9am to 7pm daily, and admission is free.

5.69 miles away

Myrtle Beach Room Escape

If you're looking for a fun and interesting escape game in Myrtle Beach, look no further than the Room Escape! This unique game takes you on an exciting adventure through a series of rooms, all while trying to piece together the clues and puzzles to escape. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, the Room Escape is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

5.71 miles away

Ripley's Haunted Adventure

Ripley's Haunted Adventure Myrtle Beach is a must-see attraction for any Halloween enthusiast. The attraction features more than 30 rooms of spooky fun, including a haunted house, maze, and galleried walkways. The attraction also offers live entertainment and interactive games for guests of all ages. Ripley's Haunted Adventure Myrtle Beach is located at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

5.79 miles away

Free Fall Thrill Park

Looking for a thrilling experience? Look no further than Myrtle Beach's Free Fall Thrill Park. Located just minutes from the city center, this park offers visitors a variety of thrilling attractions that will leave them begging for more.

If you're looking to take on a thrilling adventure, be sure to check out the park's vertical drop ride, which lets riders plummet down a 40-foot chute at speeds of up to 60 mph. Other highlights of the park include the world's tallest swing set and the largest indoor roller coaster in South Carolina.

With so many attractions to choose from, there's bound to be something that appeals to everyone in the family. So why not visit Free Fall Thrill Park today and experience some of the best thrills Myrtle Beach has to offer!

5.79 miles away

Nightmare Haunted House

Look no further than Nightmare Haunted House Myrtle Beach! This unique attraction offers something really different and exciting for Halloween fans of all ages.

The attraction is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and it features 25 terrifying scenes, including a "Hell's Gate" room with gory details, a "Dead End" room with dark secrets, and much more. The attraction is open from September through November, and tickets are available online or at the door.

If you're looking for an unforgettable Halloween experience, don't miss out on Nightmare Haunted House Myrtle Beach!

5.80 miles away

SkyWheel Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is home to the world's first SkyWheel, and it's definitely worth checking out! The SkyWheel is an inverted roller coaster that offers riders a unique perspective of the surrounding area. Plus, the views are simply amazing!

5.82 miles away

Myrtle Beach Pier

The Myrtle Beach Pier is a popular spot for tourists to take in the view. The pier spans over a mile and has a variety of attractions, such as a playground, restaurants, and a water park. There are also fishing areas and jetties that provide a scenic backdrop for photos.

5.94 miles away

Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum

The Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is home to one of the world's most comprehensive collections of the work of American author, explorer, and journalist Franklin G. Burroughs (1895-1986). Burroughs was a major figure in the development of the pulp fiction genre, writing over 120 novels and stories that have been translated into more than 25 languages.

The museum's collection spans his entire career, from his early short stories and novels to his final works written just before his death. Highlights include the original manuscript of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, as well as manuscripts and artwork from such acclaimed titles as The Warlord of Mars and The Tree of Life.

The Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum is open year-round from 10am to 5pm except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Admission is free for all visitors.

6.44 miles away

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